Collective Healing is Miracle Working

Donate to support our 2020 Capacity Building Fundraiser to support organizational infrastructure such as: legal support and accounting, stipends for peace catalysts, website development, marketing and brand identity (see images below), and development research for grassroots fundraising and grants.  We are working with Cullinane Lawgroup for tax exemption. Their 100% success rate guarantees your donation will be tax deductible. 


With these initial funds we can build capacity towards our 2021 programming on the theme, Resisting Dystopia. With curated events, community discussions, and online learning programs, we will untangle the following questions: what does it take to imagine and embody a peaceful, sovereign, just society? How do future and past generations guide us? How do we access the wisdom pointing us toward collective liberation? How do we address traumas in our communities? 


By presencing and accessing our physical, mental, and emotional bodies within a safe communal learning environment, we can access a unique knowing - a knowing we come to without dogma & hierarchy. It is a wisdom guiding us towards personal resiliency to address some of the most difficult conflicts and injustices of our times. Thank you for supporting our efforts in transformative justice and supporting flourishing communities for all. 

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